Social Media Advertising Offers Incredible Reach

Sometimes it seems like everyone’s on Facebook, doesn’t it? Appearances aren’t deceiving in this case, as nearly 70% of all adults in the United States are on at least one social media site, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the most popular. Many businesses are on social media, as well, and these days most businesses can’t afford not to have a social media presence on at least those three popular platforms, especially since more than 70% of users typically check in with their social networks on a daily basis.

But social media advertising isn’t the same thing as having a social media presence. Social media advertising specifically describes paid online advertising efforts on social media sites. You’ve probably seen them yourself: “sponsored” Instagram posts, “promoted” tweets. While targeted display ads and paid search advertising are still important items in the digital marketing toolkit, social media advertising has become a power tool, giving you the opportunity to put your brand, product, or service in front of so many eager eyes.

Social Media Advertising and Spending

In 2016, companies spent more than $32 billion on digital ads in the United States alone, and analysts predict a 26% global increase in social media advertising spending in 2017. That sounds like a wave that you might want to get out in front of, right?

Currently, estimates place social media spending at only about 16% of all digital ad spending globally, yet a survey of business-to-business (B2B) marketers showed that most ranked social media advertising as either “very low cost” or “somewhat low cost” in comparison to other digital marketing options. What does all that mean? It means that social media advertising is set to explode in quantity, but it also means that getting on board today can net you a strong return on investment.

What Can Social Media Advertising Do for You?

With social media advertising, you are able to leverage one of the most targeted and cost-effective forms of advertising and get your ads in front of the millions of people who use social media every day. It allows you to:

  • Target and connect to millions of users all over the world
  • Increase visibility
  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Drive traffic
  • Develop relationships
  • Improve search results
  • Test and compare promotions and campaigns

When you invest in social media advertising, you can choose which social networks are right for your business, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Right now, Facebook tops the social media platforms when it comes to return on investment, followed by Twitter and Instagram, but a well-crafted social media advertising strategy will take into account the strengths and needs of your business, as well as the social media habits of your target audience, to craft a campaign that fits you and your customers.

Want to Learn More?

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