The days when you could build your brand exclusively through print, radio, or TV ads and actual word of mouth are long gone. Today, 90% of consumers get their information about products and services from Google, Bing, or other search engines, with Google alone handling more than 3.5 billion searches a day. 62% of surveyed consumers said that they used Facebook to research a product or service before buying. And this isn't just limited to online shopping, either; consumers increasingly use smart phone searches and mobile apps to find local businesses. B2B businesses also rely on digital marketing and SEO campaigns, with more than 70% of enterprise purchases made as a direct result of search engine activity.

But digital marketing is more than just SEO; it's a comprehensive package of digital solutions designed to meet the needs of your business, and ensure that you find the customers you need. Full-service digital marketing includes targeted display advertising campaigns, social media, website design, strategic geofencing campaigns, reputation management services, and more.



As an all-encompassing digital marketing agency, iFocus Marketing delivers creative solutions to a wide variety of clients all over the country. Built on forward-thinking ideas and a concise vision of turning those ideas into action, our mission is to be your comprehensive digital partner, designing innovative and customized digital action plans that address all of your marketing challenges and give you the most effective digital reach possible.

Think of us as a digital bakery; by combining our various services—or ingredients—in different amounts based on the unique recipe of your business, we can come up with one sweet digital plan of action. And did we mention that we hate cookie cutters? Every plan we put together is always completely customized to each client's individual needs.



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